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Benefits Of Drama

It would be wrong to suggest that every great actor, actress, singer or performer went to drama school to learn their trade, but it’s also fair to say that a good majority of them have made the most of their talent by reaping the benefits that come from going to drama school.

So if you are thinking of following in the footsteps of Sylvia Young Theatre School goers like Leticia Dean and Denise Van Outen, or Guildhall School of Music and Drama graduate Ewan McGregor, then you should know the benefits of drama school before you get there.

The main advantage of going to drama school is the opportunity to be seen by agents, casting directors, theatre companies and television companies, which is vital when you’re looking to secure that first job.

Of course, you can do what most budding actors and actresses do – look in the Equity website’s job section and The Stage weekly newspaper. But if you are regularly coming into contact with agents and casting directors who visit the drama school throughout the year then you’ll increase your chances of being noticed, and therefore your chances of getting a job.

In addition to this, attending drama school also gives you the discipline, practical skills and intellectual understanding necessary for a lasting career in theatre, TV, radio or films, and prepares you physically and mentally for the hard work you must undertake to make it as an actor.

A recent UK survey found that 86 per cent of actors working in the industry had received formal professional training through a drama school, and that the majority of these believed it gave them good preparation for working as an actor.

Finally, attending drama school – whether it’s summer school, Saturday school, full-time, part-time, as a child, teenager or graduate – shows prospective employers that you are serious about a career in acting, and that you are willing to work hard to make your dreams come true.
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